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LastGerm & LUXROOMS at The Rural Music Festival in Isle, MN.

The LUXROOMS team was at Rural Music Fest in Isle, MN for their 2nd annual 3-day festival and we were right there in the heart of it all. Travelling to town with our sponsors it was an unforgettable weekend we had a blend of luxury, laughs, and some seriously impressive marketing magic.

Upon arriving most festival-goers fully expected those disgusting hot box portable restrooms and were pleasantly greeted with a LUXROOM looming at the front gate – air-conditioned, spacious, and impeccably designed and we're there to tell everyone "Don't Worry, There's a Luxroom."

Thanks to our partners at LastGerm and their "Event Support Tent," Luxrooms became the talk of the festival. We didn't just provide luxurious restroom experiences; we connected, grooved to the music (some more than others), indulged in food truck delights like Tennesee BBQ, Gyros, and Philly Cheese Fries, and even brainstormed marketing ideas with Kristy and Jeff Brown from LastGerm. Picture this: brainstorming sessions with a backdrop of live music and food truck aromas. It's safe to say creativity flowed as freely as the ice-pops we gave away.

Now, let's talk event marketing. LUXROOMS Advertsing & Marketing is all about turning our luxury mobile restrooms into prime advertising spaces. Festival-goers couldn't help but notice our eye-catching ads while they enjoyed the posh restroom experience. We made friends, and became one of the favorite hang-outs and the best part was we heard 'this is the best part of the festival' on multiple occasions!

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